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About ilwa - Ilwa, design met een eigen gezicht. En dit al 80 jaar lang.

About ilwa

With heart and soul, … since 1936.

Ilwa was founded in 1936 by Albert Illegems and Francine Walschap.

What began as a joinery is now a modern production where kitchens and made-to-measure cabinets are produced. Machines and employees have changed over the years but the passion and pride for the product have remained. By using sustainable products such as laminate, Ilwa is able to deliver a high-quality product. The long-term vision applies not only to customers but also to suppliers and employees. Production in Ruisbroek follows the latest trends and technical developments. The production is focused on bringing high-quality materials to the market in the most flexible way.

The Ilwa shops where you can go are independent family businesses, first, second and even third generations. They have been working with the same product and brand for many years. They have perfect knowledge of the materials and customers are familiar with the same sales assistants.

Today, Johan Illegems and his wife, Kristel Desaeger, are at the helm of this family business.

Johan Illegems and Kristel Desaeger, owners and manager.